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Managed Security

Protecting Your Mission Critical Assets and Data

What makes Host.net's managed security different?

Security and Availability are one of the most pressing concerns among our clients, from which we aggressively maintain our controls, with an eye out for every opportunity to improve. The security of our client's intellectual property and digital assets is of paramount importance to us (as it is to you.)  Because we recognize this information is the core of your business, we proactively monitor your servers, data, and digital assets.  We offer a range of fully managed security services, so you can spend less time protecting your data and more time using it to expand your business and achieve your goals.

Host.net's Secure Facilities

Our managed intrusion detection and prevention services include:
24x7x365 active monitoring

Detection, analysis, and response to internal and external network security threats

Global and local Internet threat statistics

Incident handling and response tracking

On-demand security reports

ProtectPoint ThreatWatch™

Reporting of network security threats

Search real-time and historical security incidents and events

Additional services include:
PCI Complete

HIPAA Essential

Content Filtering

Security Consulting

Traffic analysis

Virtual private networks (VPN)
Your network security is important. That’s why our managed security combines auto-threat response, event correlation, and human analysis. We also use both industry best practices and proprietary methodologies to cost effectively and proactively protect your business.  Furthermore, we have security analysts and engineers available 24x7x365 to assist your every need.

We focus on your security so you can focus on your business.