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Enterprise Virtual Solutions

What makes Host.net's cloud different?

Most businesses are either implementing or planning a "cloud" solution. In today's world, you cannot afford downtime or lost data – physical equipment can be replaced, meetings can be rescheduled, but your connectivity and digital assets must always remain intact. Host.net's Smart Cloud Architecture is the service offering of choice for enterprise clients looking to achieve uninterrupted service availability, increase technology capabilities, and improve operational efficiencies, allowing you to focus on your business. The availability and the integrity of your data is paramount. As one of the leading cloud computing providers, we offer best-in-class services, including redundant virtual compute and enterprise storage platforms deployed at geographically diverse SOC2 and PCI compliant data centers connected to our 10G multinational backbone.





Host.net's Smart Cloud Architecture




Since November 2009, Host.net's private enterprise-class cloud platform (SCA - Smart Cloud Architecture) had achieved zero seconds of customer-facing downtime.  "Our Smart Cloud Architecture is the core of our clients' needs and the basis of our growth," said Host.net CEO Jeffrey Davis. "The continuous uptime proves the reliability of our advanced, multimillion-dollar platform, which enables businesses to create their own private clouds in a secure and efficient way, meeting the growing demand to outsource enterprise services."

Host.net's SCA enables businesses to migrate their data center operations to a private enterprise virtual platform to:

Using the latest enterprise server virtualization technologies and the most advanced enterprise SAN solution available, our SCA provides access to terabytes of scalable storage, increased performance over standard SAN solutions, geographically diverse SOC2 and PCI certified data center hosting, and 24x7 system and security monitoring—all on the Host.net multinational layer 2 network.


Enterprise Server Platform

We employ the latest enterprise server virtualization technologies, so you can take advantage of the latest 32-bit and 64-bit applications and increase your compute, storage, and network resources on the fly. Our Smart Cloud platform includes a variety of powerful features and tools.


Enterprise SAN Solution

We offer the world's fastest and most flexible enterprise SAN platform. You get the fastest hardware available combined with the most robust SAN intelligence for an enterprise-based solution at an attractive price. But of course, it's about more than just speed. You need data protection too. With our DataCore platform, every block of data written to our storage platform is written twice within a "true" synchronous mirror, ensuring your intellectual property and your invaluable digital assets remain safe, secure, and available. In addition, we offer asynchronous mirroring across datacenters providing regional service protection.


No-Single-Point-of-Failure System

Our server, storage, and networking architecture is designed for 100% uptime, ensuring the availability and integrity of your critical data. This means every server, switch, router, and disk is redundant, providing consistent service uptime and reliability.


Flexible Offerings – World Class Services

We offer value and competitive pricing for many reasons. We have reduced cost and increased efficiency with our Technology Alliance Partners. Plus, we've focused on flexible, cutting edge technology. Our clients experience performance unachievable in typical enterprise platforms.